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I Hate His Baby Mama Part 1 …………..

I Hate His Baby Mama Part 1 …………..

“I can’t stand that crazy BIT*H!”

Is that how you feel about her??????

She makes you want to pull her hair out.

She makes you want to run her over with your car.

You just wish this crazy Lady would disappear!

But the truth of the matter is, she is not going NO where. So, if you have decide to stay with him, put on your seat belt and get ready for the ride. Because all of us women know that it is hard to deal with another woman. Especially, the BABY MAMA……..

One thing that we need to realize, as his new woman, is that the “ex” does a lot of spiteful things because she is hurt. It doesn’t matter if the relationship ended because of him or because of her or if the relationship ended on good terms or bad terms. Sometimes, it is harder for a woman to move forward in a new relationship, because we are always comparing our new man to our old man.

So, while their “baby daddy” is now happy with you, they can’t see how he has moved on so fast or even moved on at all. We always think that he can’t find anyone better than us.

Women are just self absorb like that. We think that no woman is better than us. (Especially his new woman.) However, it’s not that you’re a better woman than her, you’re just better for him than she was.

But she might not see it like that. So that is why she may try to cause problems in your relationship.

How To Make Your Relationship Last With Him While Dealing With Her

1. Don’t get JEALOUS when he has to communicate with her. That might be hard to do sometimes, because we all have our insecure days. But ,as long as they have children under 18, they are going to have to communicate.

2. Show Respect. This might be real hard. Especially, if she doesn’t show the same respect to you. Never let her have something bad to say about you that is true. She can talk bad and think bad about you all day. But, when she does come around one day she is going to realize how much of a fool she looked like.

3. Never give her control. Don’t let her have you mad at him for something she said or did. (Trust me this is hard also.) If you give her control over your emotions, you might as well give her control over your life. (Don’t let someone ride your gas out your car when they are not giving you gas money)

4. Always remember, it is about the kids. If you love the kids like they are yours, it will be a little easier to deal with. Kids don’t ask for any of this– just remember that. If they are happy with you and show you love, you can look pass her efforts to make you unhappy.

Ladies, just remember, nothing in life is easy and time will heal all wounds.

 This might not apply to all women. Some baby mamas are just plain out crazy and need to grow up. 



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