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Relaxer and Hair Loss – “My Hair Use To Be That Long!!!!!”


Relaxer and Hair Loss

– “My Hair Use To Be That Long!!!!!”hairrrrr      

  I have two beautiful stepdaughters and every time we go out I hear women say “My hair use to be that long.” Sometimes I just want to say ‘yeah right’ because their hair be hanging on with a piece of string and bubble gum. But after seeing the movie “Good Hair” by Chris Rock. I believe that some of those women are telling the truth. But some of them know they be lying. 


What a Perm does to your Hair?????hair2


 Perm also known as Relaxer can cause hair breakage, hair thinning, lack of hair growth, scalp irritation, scalp damage and hair loss. These are just some of the complaints that I hear from my friends.  


BECAUSE………. Relaxer  contains a chemical called Sodium Hydroxide also known as Lye.  

Sodium Hydroxide is found in many industrial solvents and cleaners, including flooring stripping products, brick cleaners, cements, and many others. 

It may also be found in certain household products, including: 

  • Aquarium products 
  • Clinitest tablets 
  • Drain cleaners 
  • Metal polishes 
  • Oven cleaners 

So while Relaxer makes your hair look good, it damages your hair and your scalp, which causes your hair not to grow healthy.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not against getting a relaxer, because I use to get them when I was a teenager (I got tired of getting burnt by the hot comb). Plus, my mom didn’t know how to do my type of hair. But – I refuse to get a relaxer now. 

I just decide to take that extra time to blow dry and flat iron my hair. And perform the correct hair care for my type of hair. But I know that everyone’s hair is different. 

However, the next time I hear some lady say “My Hair Use To Be That Long“, I’m going to ask Her does she know what Relaxer does to the hair??????? And tell her that she needs to go see “Good Hair” by: Chris Rock. 



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