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How To Find Love In 2010 (After Being Hurt Again)

How To Find Love In 2010

(After Being Hurt Again)


Love is supposed to be a good thing, but at times it can feel bad.

Sometimes, love can hurt so bad that you might wish you could die. At other times, love feels so good that you wish you could feel that way forever.

Love is something that we all need, even if we don’t like to admit it. Love is a powerful thing.

But, what do you do when you love someone so much, and they hurt you so bad?

“How do I go on and how could I ever open myself up again to someone, only get hurt like this again?????”

Easy…. you just do it.

I have learned in life that we all make mistakes, and mistakes help us grow. The more we grow…the more we learn. The more we learn…the more we can teach. With time, all wounds can be healed. We must learn to forgive and let go.

So you may ask, “How can I fall in love again, after being hurt???”

Step One: Cry

Seriously…Cry for days, weeks and even months if that‘s what it takes.

Get all of the sadness that this person caused you out of your system.

Write them letters, send them emails, leave them messages, but get it out…even if they don’t hear what you have to say.

Don’t walk around with all the weight of the pain they have caused upon your shoulders. It is can be very unhealthy, if you don’t let it go. It could cause you to bring it into your new relationship and mess up things with the next person. Take time to heal before you jump into the next relationship.

Step Two: Do something nice for yourself!

Take your self to the spa. Buy a new pair of shoes. Go and get your hair cut. Treat yourself the way you want someone to treat you. If you don’t treat yourself good, how do you expect another person to.

Step Three: Heal/Fix Yourself

Sometimes, we like to blame everyone else for our problems instead of taking responsibility for ourselves. No one owes us anything in life. If we have been dealt a bad hand, it is up to us to fix it. We can’t change the past, we can only fix ourselves for the future.

(Go to for the other three answers)




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Relaxer and Hair Loss – “My Hair Use To Be That Long!!!!!”


Relaxer and Hair Loss

– “My Hair Use To Be That Long!!!!!”hairrrrr      

  I have two beautiful stepdaughters and every time we go out I hear women say “My hair use to be that long.” Sometimes I just want to say ‘yeah right’ because their hair be hanging on with a piece of string and bubble gum. But after seeing the movie “Good Hair” by Chris Rock. I believe that some of those women are telling the truth. But some of them know they be lying. 


What a Perm does to your Hair?????hair2


 Perm also known as Relaxer can cause hair breakage, hair thinning, lack of hair growth, scalp irritation, scalp damage and hair loss. These are just some of the complaints that I hear from my friends.  


BECAUSE………. Relaxer  contains a chemical called Sodium Hydroxide also known as Lye.  

Sodium Hydroxide is found in many industrial solvents and cleaners, including flooring stripping products, brick cleaners, cements, and many others. 

It may also be found in certain household products, including: 

  • Aquarium products 
  • Clinitest tablets 
  • Drain cleaners 
  • Metal polishes 
  • Oven cleaners 

So while Relaxer makes your hair look good, it damages your hair and your scalp, which causes your hair not to grow healthy.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not against getting a relaxer, because I use to get them when I was a teenager (I got tired of getting burnt by the hot comb). Plus, my mom didn’t know how to do my type of hair. But – I refuse to get a relaxer now. 

I just decide to take that extra time to blow dry and flat iron my hair. And perform the correct hair care for my type of hair. But I know that everyone’s hair is different. 

However, the next time I hear some lady say “My Hair Use To Be That Long“, I’m going to ask Her does she know what Relaxer does to the hair??????? And tell her that she needs to go see “Good Hair” by: Chris Rock. 


November 13, 2009 at 12:46 am 1 comment

How to bring Intimacy back into the bedroom?????

How to bring Intimacy back into the bedroom?????   When you hear the word Intimacy what do you think of?   The world English Dictionary say that intimacy means. A close personal relationship, a quiet and private atmosphere, a detailed knowledge resulting from a close or long association or study, a private and personal utterance or action– and the one I love the best –a sexual act or sexual intercourse.   And from my experience you need all of these things to have a great intimae relationship with your Significant other.   So you may ask, how do I bring back Intimacy into my relationship?   Have you ever heard the saying it is easy to fall in love but it is hard to stay in love? That is not always true. I think the reason we fall out of love is because we stop doing what we used to do.   In the beginning of a relationship, we are in what you call the Awe stage. When you do whatever it takes to impress that person.   

  • You’re having sex two times a day.
  • You’re getting your hair and nails done ever week.
  • Buying new outfits to look good for each other.

But as life changes for us, so do we change. And sometimes, change is not always good.   I have a code I live by: “Don’t start something you can’t finish.”   We, as people, get so busy in our lives that we forget what it took to get our significant other and make them happy.   We don’t take the time out of the day to do what we used to. Maybe because we are tired of cleaning the house, cooking and running after the kids all day.    Or maybe you had a hard day at work and all you want to do is watch a little TV and then go to bed.   Whatever your case may be, it is so important to take time out of your busy life to do what you used to do if your relationship is worth it.   So the first thing we have to do ladies, is    

  1. Get the baby out the bed.
  2. Get rid of the granny panties.
  3. Put on some kind of “smell good” that he likes.

Sometimes women are selfish when it comes to our man. We can listen and serve a guy at work all day but when it comes to serving our man, we are like “he ain’t my father, he can’t tell me what to do”.   It’s time to get rid of that stinking thinking.   Sometimes you have to follow in order to lead.   So the next time your husband comes home, rub his feet– even if they are ugly and rough.   Give him a back and head massage. Find someone to keep the kids and pop out of the closet naked. Give him a happy ending from his hard day, even if you don’t get pleased the way you want to.   It is not always about you. It may take a week are two for him to catch on, but he will. And men –you have to do the same.   Do something nice for your wife –that she likes.  Men try to please us by doing something they think we might like. And that is were you go wrong.   

So turn that bedroom back into that Sanctuary that it is supposed to be, by bring back the Intimacy for you and your partner.   Light some candles, play some soft music.   Bring back that old sexy life that you had when you first got together. 


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